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  • Measure common mode current on automotive wire harness.
  • Noise measurement on actuators and/or motor invertors of cars and/or robots.
  • Measure weak magnetic field such as remote car key (Low frequency range).
  • Measure magnetic field of wireless sensor.
  • Evaluate link efficiency of wireless power transfer system.
  • Evaluate SAR (Specific Absorption Ratio) on human body.
Specification data (reference)
Mini Wireless Three-Axes Magnetic Sensor (AEWP)
W:21.3 mm × D:52.8 mm × H:16.6 mm (Customizable)
20 g (Customizable)
Measurement method
Magnetic field measurement using three-axes ferrite coil
From 100kHz to tens of MHz (Customizable to suit specific measuring needs)
From nT to 1000 uT (Customizable to suit specific measuring needs), Automatic measuring range
Communication mode
IEEE802.15.4 (2.4GHz band)
Communication range
Over 10m possible (It may change according to ambient environment.)
The number of units
100 units in max.
Lithium-ion battery (3V), Micro-USB rechargeable
Calibration data
Standard calibration data, A2LA Accredited Calibration available (optional)
Easy measuring software (R2.0) for Microsoft Office EXCEL
Certification of technical standards compliance
Japan, US, Germany, and Spain (Please inquire for Antenna information.)
*Patent pending.
*Specifications and/or appearance are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement.
  We customize the product according to specifications.


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