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EGUN is a world famous simulation tool, developed by Bill Herrmannsfeldt at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), for the numerical simulation of electron guns, including space charge, Child-Langmuir and Fowler-Nordheim starting routines and 3D relativistic trajectory calculation in 2D rectangular or axially symmetric electric and magnetic fields. The program provides graphic output files for electrodes, equipotential lines, and trajectories. Diagnostic graphics shows the profile of current density and RMS-emittance. Mesh size is made by internal memory allocation. Maximum mesh size is only limited by available memory.


INP is a collection of simulation tools for ion source extraction (KOBRA3-INP, AXCEL-INP), temperature calculation (DOT-INP), and magnetic field calculation (MAGNET-INP).


2D simulation for particle sources and beam transport. Ion sources including ECR ion source laser ion source and electron gun.


2D temperature calculation. Static and transient solution.


3D simulation for particle sources and beam transport, including plasma models and secondary particles. No symmetry restrictions.


2D computation of magnetic field. Biot-Savart method (Integration) is used for exact field calculation. Output suitable for KOBRA3-INP and AXCEL-INP.



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