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AET Associates, Inc., provides sophisticated calculation services such as analysis of electromagnetic wave and charged particle behavior. The analytical calculations are performed with charged particle analysis software, and other high value-added software products.
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  • Antenna design
  • EMI analysis for equipment bodies and printed current boards
  • Transmission characteristics for circuit boards
  • SAR simulation
  • Analysis for mobile antenna characteristics
  • Development for various electron devices(electromagnet, electromagnetic motors, electromagnetic bulbs, sensors, spark plugs, resonators, recorder heads, transformers, nondestructive test devices, medical electron devices)
  • Microwave devices( waveguides, microstrip lines, dielectric resonators, filters, klystrons, magnetrons, travelling wave tubes)
  • Electromagnetic wave devices for industrial and domestic applications
  • Electron guns, Ion sources
  • Accelerators
Types of calculation services:
Analysis of calculated results
EM Simulation Tools:
Charged particle analysis software
Electron beam designing software


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