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Probe Amplifiers

The Probe Amplifiers developed by AET are the preamplifiers for the magnetic field measurement.

・Ultra-low noise
・Ultra-low noise

Magnetic Field Probe

The magnetic field probe performs non-contact current measurements and can be used for real traces. The probe of higher resolution enables pinpoint measurements.

High-sensitivity Low-frequency Active Antenna

  • Measure near magnetic field of power electronics, e.g. car, medical equipment, and robot by three axes ferrite coil antennas.
  • Measure the direction of magnetic flux using front-end circuit at each of three axes.
  • Standard calibration data provided: A2LS Accredited Calibration available (optional).
  • Combining with spectrum analyzer N9382 allows off-site measurement, e.g. car, industrial robot, AM radio, radio clock.

LF Magnetic Field Sensor

This is an ideal sensor for the multipoint measurement system using M9217A 16bit digitizer from Keysight Technologies for human-body exposures to low-frequency magnetic fields.
Refer to ICNIRP Guidelines issued in 1998 and 2010, IEC 62233:2005, IEEE C95.6:2002, and TP-13002.
Its distinctive features, wide dynamic range and frequency linearity enable to measure exposures without adjusting a measurement range.
We provide A2LA calibration services.

Mini Wireless Three-Axes Magnetic Sensor

  • Can measure the magnetic field in a cramped space where a measuring device and antenna cannot be inserted
  • Composed of three axes ferrite coil antenna, which can measure highly sensitive and non-directional magnetic field
  • Multiple units (100 units in Max.) can perform measurement simultaneously
  • Standard calibration data provided: A2LS Accredited Calibration available (optional)
  • Include easy-to-operate software R2.0 using Microsoft EXCEL (user can customize the software)


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