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This is designed and developed especially for the multipoint measurement system for human-body exposures to low-frequency magnetic fields by Keysight Technologies.

  • Measurement based on reference levels of ICNIRP(1998, 2010) and IEEE C98.6:C2002
  • Conformed to the time domain measurement technique, or the measurement system for human-body exposures, specified by IEC62233
Effective Measuring Range:10Hz - 400kHz
Measuring Range:5Hz - 500kHz
Magnetic Flux Density Range
1μT - 4000μT(A2LA Calibration)
RBW: -120dBm or less at 4Hz(Spectrum Analyzer)
Output Part
(Each Output of X, Y, and Z)
Configuration:BNC output of the respective signals X, Y, and Z
Output Impedance:50Ω
Maximum Output Level:19dBm(5.6Vms)
Power Supply
Battery:AA Alkaline Battery × 4
DC Input:5V – 8V(Rate input is 5.0V)
AC Adapter:Input: AC100V 50/60Hz  Output : DC5V 2A  Plug Center PIn : +
Consumption Current(Reference Value):Approximately 300mA (at 5V)
LED is turned off when DC input is at 2.9V or less.
LED and power supply are turned off when DC input is 9 or over.
(Battery and AC adapter have the same protection.)
Length and Weight
Length:Body:W=150mm D=91mm H=253mm
Magnetic Field Sensor Part:Φ120mm
Weight (Body):300g(No including a battery.)
Weight (Magnetic Field Sensor Part):300g
Diameter of Magnetic Field Sensor:100mm × Three Axes
AC Adapter, User’s Manual, Carrying Case


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