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X-ray and radioactive devices developed by AET, are widely utilized for medical, industrial and research use. The Miniature X-ray Source can accelerate electron beams in a high-gradient electric field, to produce X-rays. Dose Calibrators are utilized for radioactive examinations and treatments in the medical industry.

Miniature X-ray Source

The Miniature X-ray Source, an innovative technology developed by AET, can accelerate electron beams in a high-gradient electric field by a miniature X-ray tube, to produce X-rays. The Miniature X-ray Source consists of a high-voltage short pulse generator and a miniature X-ray tube with a carbon nanotube cathode, which has been developed using high-voltage and ultra-short pulse technology.
Applications include usage in medical treatment, research and industry such as non-destructive inspection. Because of its small size, the Miniature X-ray Source has enabled whole new applications. It is also possible to extract only electron beams through a vacuum thin film.


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