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Microwave/Millimeter-wave Power Supply

The Microwave/Millimeter-wave Power Supply has a frequency range of 2GHz to 30GHz, and can deliver 650W output power. This power supply consists of a high power amplifier*, a solid-state signal source and a pulse generator for microwave modulation. It has excellent stability in output power and allows variable frequencies and pulse modulation. It can be utilized for various industrial applications and researches such as ECR plasma and accelerators. *A TWT amplifier or a solid-state amplifier can be chosen.

Solid State Microwave Amplifier

The solid-state microwave amplifier developed by AET, Inc. has a frequency range of 2.45GHz ±50MHz, and can deliver 100W output power. As it is composed of all solid-state components, it has more excellent stability in frequency and output power, and is more economical without the need for replacement parts compared to the conventional magnetron-mode microwave amplifier. It is compact, thin, and rack-mounted; and allows cascading of amplifiers by using two or more units in a stack.

It can be used for microwave heating and as a plasma generation source in industrial and medical treatments. Moreover, since it allows pulse modulation by an external trigger, it can also be utilized for experiments and researches that require a pulse modulated microwave source.

High performance Microwave Cables

Microwave cables manufactured by Insulated Wire Inc., are world-class cables known from its stability and credibility. These are capable of wide-band frequency up to 60 GHz, low pass and phase stable characteristic. Their products satisfy the needs of the customers, and are widely utilized in microwave measurements systems and microwave communication systems.

High-Power RF Connectors

RF connectors manufactured by TRU Corporation are utilized for semiconductor and communication devices. Their QC series, rated at 20kW and 10kV, are easily removable connectors, and are quite durable against oscillation and shock. You can find them being widely used for devices of sputtering and wafer process use. Special connectors and cables can be custom-designed for any device.

Precision Adapters

Precision Adapters manufactured by TRU Corporation feature different interfaces such as Type N, SMA, ATNC, 7mm and 3.5mm. The unique modular design provides various configuration options without sacrificing VSWR and phase matched performance from DC to 18 GHz. These adapters are ideal for lab and production test applications in which measurement accuracy, repeatability, and optimum electrical performance are required.

Wave absorbers, Shielded materials

Wave absorbers, dielectrics, magnetic substances, coating materials and gaskets manufactured by Cuming Microwave Corp., are utilized for anechoic chamber and absorption of microwave load in many fields. They are applied for high frequency devices in commercial industry and for surface absorption of radar in military installations.


Established in 1971, PENN Engineering Components, Inc. has many years of experience in the microwave field, and has been developing and manufacturing a variety of microwave components. Its high quality waveguides meet and exceed MIL specification, and have been applied for communication and military use. Waveguides and materials can also be custom-designed to meet specific customer needs.

High-power circulators, Isolators

Ferrite Microwave Technologies, LLC. is a manufacturer of high-frequency and high-power circulators and switches designed with ferrite. Ferrrite's high-power circulators and dummy loads are supplied in the global markets with accelerators and high-frequency heating for medical and research applications as well as radar and communication devices. The products covering the frequency range from 0.2 GHz to 20 GHz achieve power more than 10000kW in pulse and 100kW in CW.


L3 Communications, Electron Devices(California Tube Laboratory) develops and manufactures a variety of high-power electron tubes such as magnetrons, triodes and klystrons. Magnetrons with an average output of 30kW in S-Band are the primary power sources in plasma generation and food processing. X-Band magnetrons exceed 1.5 MW in the peak output and are used in accelerators in the medical industry. L3 Communications, Electron Devices(California Tube Laboratory) also develops a variety of triodes, electron guns, thyratrons, and made-to-order electron tubes.



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