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The Probe Station developed by AET, Inc. is very flexible to probe samples of various shapes and sizes precisely. It can be used for probing from a semiconductor wafer to an RF circuit.
AET also provide a TRL/LRM Calibration kit and various types of probe.

Probe Stations

The Probe Station developed by AET, Inc. has a probing stage and a micro positioner that can be adjusted on the X-Y-Z-theta directions, and can probe samples of various shapes and sizes. A custom designed probing fixture allows the use of air coplanar, semi-rigid, or differential active probes. A TRL/LRM calibration kit are designed and manufactured. The Probe Station can be used for various measurements and calibrations on a semiconductor wafer up to a RF circuit.

Double-sided PCB Probe Station

The Double-sided PCB Probe Station is suitable for measurements of the surface or the reverse side of PCB. It can easily move and turn the probe on both sides of PCB without the need to dismantle the positioner. For more details, contact us.


The Micropositioner provides high precision positioning on straight motions of XYZ and rotational motions of theta 1 and 2. Each axis of XYZ has a micrometer that can be fine-adjusted. A parallel adjustment of a probe can be performed by a clamp screw roughly, and by theta 1 and 2 accurately. The alignment of these five axes enables to establish a high-level measurement environment. This Micropositioner provides 8 types of positioners to fit to a coaxial, multi-pin type and other types of probes. It can be utilized under the severe measurement condition which does not allow even the slightest gap between a probe and the sample to be measured.

Accessory :  Vibration Isolation Table/Desk

The Vibration Isolation Table/Desk are designed to reduce vibration of the Probe Station to a minimum.
They can improve the measurement accuracy and the reproducibility of the Probe Station.


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